Types of Bitcoin Dice Games

Dice is one of the oldest cryptocurrency games, and it remains the most popular today. Unlike traditional casinos, every bet on bitcoin dice can be 100% confirmed. This is often seen as the purest form of gambling, showing you exact levels of risk and reward and usually having a fixed casino advantage, which in our case is only 1%.

Each bet placed can be verified with hashes and sits generated randomly, and they are displayed publicly, so players can be assured that their odds don’t change, making this a 100% transparent method of gambling. Bitcoin gaming dice also allows you to use bitcoins instead of fiat currencies, which not only allows you to remain anonymous, but also allows you to make quick deposits and withdrawals without the banking bureaucracy withholding your funds.

How to play it?

A dice game is probably the easiest game in the cryptosphere. In a dice game, players bet if the result is higher or lower than the number they choose, with numbers ranging from 0.01 to 99.98 and payouts ranging from 1.01 x to 9900x respectively. Imagine betting on a result greater than 50, you simply roll the dice, and if 50.01 or more rolls, you win your bet. Quick and easy!

Types of Craps Games

Some bitcoin casinos may offer additional features that can greatly enhance your gaming experience. When choosing a bitcoin dice casino, make sure you have extra bonuses such as rakeback, reloads, or betting contests. There are several popular types of dice games, but essentially they all have the same basis. You need to predict a number. 

However, there are some interpretations of this game that may interest players. In the standard game, you will win if the number you roll is less than the number you have chosen beforehand. But there are opposing versions, where the number greater than the one you have chosen will win. There are also versions with a combination of both cases that offer even better odds of winning. So everyone can choose the game they like best. You should research the different types of dice games first, so you can choose the most interesting option.

A few tips to improve your experience

  • Explore the auto-bet feature - the more complex it is, the more opportunities you have to try different strategies.
  • Use the Vault to save money when you make a profit.

Is it possible to win? 

Is it realistic to win at Bitcoin Dice? The question is a popular and rather silly one. Of course it is possible, and the probability of winning in Bitcoin is the same as in the “real” money. Or do you think that refilling the game balance with a payment card in a casino registered in Bermuda gives more privileges than Bitcoin? The answer is obvious and there are examples of big winnings. At Just-Dice.com Casino, a player under the pseudonym Nakowa was able to hit a jackpot of 11,000 BTC, which was almost $1.3 million at the time. So everyone has a chance to get a serious win at the casino, in addition, the value of cryptocurrency is constantly growing, which gives you the opportunity to earn passively.

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